Lego bricks / parts supplier - Replacement / missing /lost Lego bricks, new and vintage parts

A. Wheels & Tyres
B. Red Technic
C. Red Lego Flats
D. Red Lego Bricks
E. Yellow Technic
F. Yellow Lego Bricks
G. Yellow Flats
H. Blue Technic
I. Blue Lego Bricks
J. Blue Lego Flats - regular blue
K. Black Flats
L. Misc. Coloured Bricks & Flats; Brown, Cream, Pink, Beige, Curry, Buff, Tan Lego parts
M. Minifigure Accessories- Hair, headwear accessories
N. Black Bricks
O. Black Technic
P. Green Lego Bricks
Q. Green Flats
R. White Technic
S. White Bricks
T. White Flats
U. Grey Technic
V. Grey Lego Bricks - Dark stone grey parts
W. Grey Flats
X. Misc. Colour Technic/Mindstorm
Z. Gears & Pulley Wheels
AA. Tracks, Chains & Rubber bands
AB. Shafts/Axles
AD. Connectors & Bushes
AF. Pneumatics & Suspension
AG. Engine Parts, Motors, Electrical
AH. Castle/Building
AJ. Starwars Theme
AK. Lego Harry Potter Minifigures
AL. Sports/Football
AM. Lego Toy Story
AP. Vehicle Parts
AQ. Aircraft parts - Aeroplane and Lego spacecraft wings
AQA. Aeroplane / aircraft parts - Aircraft fuselage parts / plane, helicopter, spacecraft
AQB. Aeroplane Parts - propellors and prop bricks
AQC. Aeroplane parts - Lego aircrafft engines
AQD. Aeroplane Parts - tail fins / stabilisers
AQE. Aeroplane parts - landing gear
AQG. Aircraft Parts - Windows
AR. Lego Minifigures - Red Torso's
ARA. Lego Minifigure body parts
AS. Lego Boats and Ships
ASA. Boat and Ship Masts, Sails, Rigging
ATA. Lego Minifigures - Black Torso's
AU. Train Parts, tracks, magnets...
AV. Thin Lego base boards & road bases
AVA. Thick Lego base boards
AVB. 3D & raised Lego base boards
AV2. Non-Lego Base Boards
AW. White Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
AWA. White Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - page 2
AWB. White Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - page 3
AX. Trees, Plants and Signs
AXD. Lego road signs, street lights, lamps, posts
AY. Doors, Windows & Shutters
BA. Clear / Translucent Lego Parts
BB. Misc. Lego
BB. Misc. Lego 2
BC. More Misc. Lego
BCA. Structural, Girders, Beams, Supports
BCB. Stairs, Ladders, Stair parts
BD. More Wheels & Tyres
BEA. Minifigure Accessories - Hats, helmets & headwear
BEB. Minifigure Accessories - More hats and helmets
BEC. Minifigure Accessories - Miscellaneous parts
BED. Minifigure Accessories - Flags, shields and signs
BEE. Minifigure Accessories - Flagpoles + body armour, rucksacks and more!
BEF. Minifigure Accessories - Weapons - Guns, swords and knives
BEG. Minifigure Accessories - More weapons: Lances, spears, axes and more!
BEH. Minifigure Accessories - Tools, torches, megaphones and misc. parts
BEJ. Large items, sports and ship accessories
BEK. Minifigure Accessories - Bikes and steering, horse accessories and misc.
BFA. Manuals no. 0000 -
BFB. Manuals no. 4990 -
BFC. Manuals no. 6340 -
BFD. Manuals no. 6629 -
BFE. Manuals no. 6847 -
BFF. Manuals no. 7594 -
BFG. Manuals no. 8060 -
BFH. Manuals no. 8468 -
BFJ. Flyers and inserts
BH. Lego Lord of the Rings
BJ. Lego Spongebob
BJ3. Lego Indiana Jones
BJE. Pirates of the Caribbean
BJH. Lego Avengers
BJK. Lego Batman
BJM. Lego Lone Ranger
BJP. Lego Galaxy Squad
BJQ. Alien Conquest
BJR. Lego Studios
BJS. Lego Belville
BJT. Lego Parts
BJU. Lego Superheroes
BK. More Red Bricks
BL. Even More Red Blocks
BM. Lego Atlantis
BP. More Black Bricks
BQ. Even More Black Bricks
CA. More Connectors & Bushes
CB. Green Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
CC. Red Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
CD. Blue Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
CE. Black Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
CEA. Black Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - page 2
CF. Yellow, Tan, Orange and brown Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals
CG. Modern grey Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - medium stone grey
CGA. Modern grey Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - dark stone grey
CH. Vintage grey Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - light old grey
CHA.Vintage grey Lego parts with printed surfaces / decals - dark old grey
CJ. Lego Minifigures - Orange Torso's
CK. Lego Minifigures - Blue Torsos'
CL. Lego Minifigures - White Torsos'
CM. Lego Minifigures - Green Torsos'
CN. Lego Minifigures - Grey Torsos'
CO. Lego Minifigures - Brown Torsos'
CP. Lego Minifigures - Tan Torsos'
CQ. Lego Minifigures - Pink and Purple Torsos'
CR. Lego Minifigures - Yellow Torsos'
CT. Fabuland Figures
CV. Lego Power Miners
CX. Technic Lego Minifigures
CY. Vintage Lego Family People
DA. Lego Jack Stone
DC. Lego Minifigure series
KN. Lego Knights Kingdom
KP. Monster fighters figures and parts
LA. Brown Bricks & Flats
LB. Orange Blocks & Flats
LC. Pink & Purple Bricks & Flats
LD. Buff & Cream Blocks & Flats
LE. Dark Stone Grey Lego flats
LF. Silver & Gold colour Lego
LK. Lego Animals, Birds & Dinosaurs
LL. Medium Stone Grey Flats
LN. Dark Old Grey Flats
LQ. Dark Old Grey Blocks
LR. Light Old Grey Blocks
LS. Medium Stone Grey Blocks
LT. Dark Old Grey Technic
LV. Dark Stone Grey Technic
LX. Medium Stone Grey Stone Technic
MA. Capes/Cloaks
ME. Complete Lego sets
QA. Clear / Translucent Smoke Tint Lego Parts
QB. Clear / Translucent Red & Pink Lego Parts
QC. Clear / Translucent Bright Yellow & Green Lego Parts
QD. Clear / Translucent Blue & Purple Lego Parts
QE. Clear / Translucent Yellow & Orange Lego Parts
QF. Clear / Translucent Bright Orange Lego Parts
QG. Clear / Translucent Light Blue Lego Parts
RA. Lego Bionicle parts, page 1
RB. Lego Bionicle parts, page 2
RC. Lego Bionicle parts, page 3
RD. Lego Bionicle parts, page 4
RE. Lego Bionicle parts, page 5
RF. Lego Bionicle parts, page 6
RP. Replacement Lego Mindstorms parts
RX. Starwars Minifigures page 2
SA. Lego Duplo Parts
SC. Bulk Lego sales pg.1
SP. Lego spares packs
VC. Lego satellite dishes, Radar dishes
VE. Lego antenna, Aerials
VJ. Lego fairings
WA. Dark blue Lego bricks
WB. Light blue Lego bricks
WB. Light royal blue Lego bricks
WE. Dark blue Lego plates / flats
WG. Light blue Lego plates / flats
WH. Light royal blue Lego plates / flats
WK. Medium azure blue Lego plates / flats
XA. Lego Ninjago
ZZ. Misc. Non-Lego items
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We stock many parts not available anywhere else and our prices are competitive. Even though we offer a one stop shop service for both modern and vintage parts, our individual and bulk Lego parts prices are often the cheapest available anywhere. To start searching for your missing Lego parts or collection add-ons, either select a part type / category from the navigation list on the left, click on a similar part to the one you need from the images below, or type a description in the search box to find the page you need.

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